Film Division

Pharma film

With high standards of manufacturing technology and management, 
we are bringing pharmaceutical film production to the world.

Pharma film is a thin-film formed pharmaceutical product that can be taken orally and disintegrates in the mouth; Made by coating and drying the base film solution mixed with active pharmaceutical ingredient and plasticizer, then cut into designated size.

About pharma film
Advantages of pharma film
Responds to needs in an aging society・For those who have difficulty in swallowing solids and drinking water, and also who are bedridden
Good portability・Good to carry as it can be placed in a card case or purse, and can be taken without water
・Can be taken even inside a crowded train or car
Fast disintegration・Disintegrates on your tongue in 2-8 seconds.
Can be printed or designed
on top of the film.
・Print examples: product name, medicine name, content of the API, the efficacy of a medicine and method of ingestion.

Potential of pharma film

As pharma film can be taken without water,
at time of disaster and in the area where water is limited.
For a person with dysphagia who has difficulty swallowing solid medicine.
For a person confined to bed that it's difficult to swallow water.

Business licenses obtained
2004 Quasi-drug manufacturing authorization
2007 Drug manufacturing authorization
2010 Medical equipment manufacturing industry permission
2013 The second-class drugs manufacturing and marketing permission
2014 The first-class drugs manufacturing and marketing permissiona
How to order
  1. 1Meeting

    The client discuss with our sales representatives the kind of pharma film product they are hoping to realize.
    If necessary, the sales representative will visit the client with our R&D personnel and share the issues of developing the pharma film product.

  2. 2In-house conference, study, and schedule the sample making

    We would share the information obtained at the meeting with the client to our team.
    Study the case and schedule to make samples.
    We also study evaluation method after the development stage.

  3. 3Formulation study and trial

    Based on the designed plan, we will perform the Formulation study and conduct the trial.

  4. 4Evaluation

    Based on the results of the trial,
    1) Pharmaceutical assessment: Assessment related to the quality of pharma film based on test data of assay and Dissolution test
    2) Assessment of samples: evaluation of taste / dissolving condition (property evaluation)
    3) Physico-chemical evaluation and analysis of components
    4) Physical property evaluation: Perform tests on such physical property as cracking, delaminating and film-thickness test

  5. 5Review and evaluation of issues to be solved

    Based on the evaluation results, we will take in consideration whether further improvement is necessary.
    If improvement is necessary, we review, conduct a retrial, and consult again with the client regarding the plan.