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Edible Film

You can introduce your own ingredients and different dissolution rates. Making an original edible film.

Edible film is a film formed food grade product made of base ingredient such as starch, gelatin.
It dissolves quickly in your mouth.
Design freely by blending functional ingredients, controlling dissolving speed, to best meet the purpose of your use.

What is edible film?
Ingredients of film

【Example】Gelatin, Pullulan, Starch,
Alginic acid, Carrageenan, Agar

You can select and formulate base materials of the film depending on its use and applications.

Types of film
Fast dissolving filmDissolving type A type of film that is made up of water soluble ingredients, and quickly dissolves in a few seconds to several seconds.
Disintegrating type With the use of disintegrators, A type of film that quickly disintegrates upon contact with water.
A sustainable film that slowly dissolves in a period of 5-10 minutes.
Uses of film

Breath freshener  Supplements  Oral care food product

Film manufacturing technology
Lamination layerRecoating, Bonding between films
Benefits: Multi-layering of different ingredients, prevention from adhesion of films.
improvements in barrier properties
Blend of functional ingredientsCatechin, Polyphenol, Propolis, Hyaluronan, Collagen, Capsaicin, etc.
Coating thickness control10-300 micrometers
Dissolution speedCan be adjusted ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes
Surface finishingEmbossing on the film surface, printing using edible ink, punching
Towards OEM product commercialization

Towards OEM product commercialization