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Message from the President

Message from the President

TSUKIOKA FILM PHARMA CO., LTD., was established in 1966 as a processing manufacturer of "hot stamping", a specialized printing using gold and silver leaf.

The "hot stamping" is the process where bumps are produced in paper or plastic materials by coating them in aluminum foil, placing them in a metal mold, and applying heat and pressure.
Utilizing the tradition and basic technologies of "hot stamping," we have established the mass-production system of "edible pure gold leaf", and by adding the thin-film manufacturing technology, we have developed the production of "water-soluble edible film".

It has lead us to this day by evolving this "Edible Film" and made use in different field of business such as food, cosmetics, drugs.
In other words, our development ability capable of creating of something that no one ever has created and that is established by combining traditional techniques and innovative technology, is our company's foundation.

However, development capabilities cannot be complacent. we always put customers first and think what we can do to make them happy using our products.
By keep practicing so, we hope to be the company indispensable for contributing to create better future.

President and CEO Satoshi Iikura